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  • Edwardsville to host 100-year history banquet

    The Illinois State Historical Society has announced it will host its annual Centennial Awards banquet in Edwardsville this year.

  • Miracle dog movie starts shooting in Edwardsville

    Filming has started on a story about a dog, rescued from horrendous conditions, which had been living in a derelict property with more than 60 other hounds.

  • Time to tumble in Edwardsville

    At the end of the month, the public will be encouraged to attend the Prima Dance Recital to see children from the ages of two to fourteen as they display their dancing and tumbling talent on a performance stage.

  • Byrds tribute to flap into Edwardsville

    The group Younger Than Yesterday will be making its way on stage in Edwardsville this weekend, and will be performing a tribute show of songs by the Byrds. This is a non-stop show featuring four-part harmonies throughout.

  • Edwardsville experiences Yesterday today

    Yesterday A Tribute to the Beatles, will be appearing on stage this evening and celebrating all the eras of Beatle music in the groups original key. Playing instruments authentic from the era, dressed in appropriate attire, and even donning the renowned drainpipe trousers, it is likely that brochure printing and other printing services have been used to spread the word about this groups appearance to people in the community.

  • Wild Things to be discovered this weekend

    Wonder Where the Wild Things Are? is part of the Watershed Nature Centers Discovery Days program and offers people the opportunity to visit nature and learn about where the wild creatures hide during the winter months. The Nature Center may have used poster printing and flyer printing to promote this educational event to parent and children in this community and the area.

  • Local seniors set for yellow brick road trip

    The Wizard of Oz Ballet is being presented by the Memphis Ballet Company this weekend and will take the audience on a magical journey down the fascinating yellow brick road. This trip is for people aged 55 and older, and flyer printing might have been a chosen device for advertising it to people in this community and in the surrounding regions.

  • Choral concert to get Christmas in voice

    On its way this weekend, the Great Rivers Choral Society Winter Concert is being presented by the Edwardsville Parks Department as part of its popular Winter Concert series.

  • Jazzy quartet to get winter program underway

    The first installment of this years Winter Concert Series will see some of The Rick Haydon Quartets latest jazz numbers. Posters, brochures, and digital flyer printing were most likely used to promote this years series to music-loving people in Edwardsville and the surrounding regions.

  • Cult movie celebrated with cakes and refreshments

    Creatures, Cupcakes, and Cocktails is being presented by Friends of the Wildey Theatre and offers guests the chance to re-visit the classic monster movie The Creature from the Black Lagoon. No doubt an assortment of printing services have been used to tell people in this community and the surrounding area about this special event.